NEW ALBUM (digital & analog) is out now!!!


This is the first 'official' album of Puppe'n Mucke released in August 2022!!!

Now available on our Bandcamp page as a cassette tapes (Cassette + Digital Album) and a digital album (Streaming + Download).

< Track list >
1. Tombee 04:26
2. PPP 03:14
3. Crazy Snakes 01:36
4. What's into You? 02:47
5. Puppe'n Mucke Short Stories 06:15
6. Cacatua 04:17
7. Party Saurus 03:45
8. Ska Waltz 05:31
9. Ame Ame Ambient 03:02

If you are living in Berlin, you can also reserve the tape and pick up at Atelier SHOXXXBOXXX (Berlin-Friedrichshain).
Please write us an Email to hello (at) puppemucke (dot) de.
We will release it also on Spotify / iTunes Music soon!!

released in August 2022

Recorded in Berlin in 2021.
All tracks* by Puppe'n Mucke (*except Ame Ame Ambient which is based on an old Japanese children's song)


< Upcoming Shows >

Some Album Release gigs 2022 will be announced soon!

< Past Shows >

Mi. 6.Jul.2022 Lofi-Lounge @Schokoladen, Berlin 29.Jun.-3.Jun.2022 Fusion Festival, Neustrelitz 23.-26.Jun.2022 Crack Festival Rome, Italy Di. 21.Jun.2022 Fete de la Musique Celebration @Many Tentacles, Berlin So. 22.Mai 2022 Rudifest - Kulturfestival im Rudolfkiez, in front of Kulturraum Zwinglikirche, Berlin Do. 12.Aug.2021 Puppe'n Mucke Online Live Streaming @SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM Mi. 18.Sep.2019 Puppe'n Mucke Live! w. Miss Vergnügen @eschloraque, Berlin Fr. 05.Jul.2019 Messtival - Underground Arts Festival @Secret place, Berlin So. 16.Jun.2019 Mini Puppe'n Mucke at 48 Std. Neukölln @Neon Kunst, Berlin Do. 17.Jan.2019 Live! Puppe'n Mucke + Pleasure Trips @Hangar49, Berlin Sa. 08.Dez.2018 Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin @MALZFABRIK, Berlin Do. 25.Okt.2018 Puppe'n Mucke mit SchnickSchnack, USTED, Laure Boer @West Germany, Berlin So. 19.Aug.2018 Kulturfestival am Rudolfplatz @Kulturraum Zwinglikirche, Berlin Sa. 28.Jul.2018 Kawaii Festival 2018 @HO|Berlin Project Space Fr. 20.Jul.2018 Angel's Elektro Games Vol II: Usted & (Mini) Puppe'n Mucke @Barbiche, Berlin So. 24.Jun.2018 "In Joy We Share" 48Std. Neukölln @NeonKunst, Berlin Sa. 09.Jun.2018 PAF Party! (Performing Arts Festival Team & Guests) @Fahimi Bar, Berlin Di. 05.Jun.2018 Ein Hit ist ein Hit vol. 38 // "Listen to your ART" @Ballhaus Berlin Sa. 21.Apr.2018 "Ca.Co.Fest 2018" @ex caserma liberata, Bari, Italy Mi. 28.Mär.2018 "Puppe'n Mucke meets Schnick Schnack!!"@Loophole, Berlin Sa. 03.Feb.2018 "SHOXXXBOXXX Special vol.02" @Neon Kunst, Berlin Sa. 13.Jan.2018 "Camp Review #4" Puppe'n Mucke solo show - Motto: be a puppet @Barbiche, Berlin Di. 19.Dez.2017 "SHOXXXBOXXX Weekday Lounge vol.01" @SHOXXXBOXXX, Berlin Sa. 02.Dez.2017 "Friendly Capitalism Lounge Vol. 16" @Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin Sa.30. Sep.2017 "Tropicana Dreams" Festival, @Casa Planas, Palma de Mallorca, Spain Sa. 09.Sep.2017 "Suppe & Mucke" Street festival, Laskerstr., Berlin Fr. 08.Sep.2017 SHOXXX's Ausstellung Vernissage, @Galerie Serigraffeur, Berlin Fr.01. +Sa.02. Sep.2017 "Bauhausfest 2017", @Bauhaus Dessau, Dessau-Roßlau So.13.Aug.2017 SHOXXXBOXXX in NeonKunst, @Neon Kunst, Berlin (mini Puppe'n Mucke set) Di. 11.Jul. 2017 - Puppe'n Mucke solo concert @Golden City Bremen (Hafenbar), Bremen Do. 01.Jun.2017 - ABRACADABRA re-Launch Party @Easy Busy, Berlin (Puppe'n Mucke semi-acoustic set) Mi. 24.Mai.2017 - in Kreuzberg, Berlin (write us an Email for more information :-)) Sa. 13.Mai.2017 - "Liebig Lieb Ick FEST!" 3 days Fest (Puppe'n Mucke: Sa. ca. 15.30Uhr) @XB Liebig, Berlin Sa. 29.Apr.2017 Die Schöne Party Kirschblütenfest Hanami - Kalkscheune, Berlin So. 04.Dez.2016 Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin - Arena, Berlin Sa. 03.Dez.2016 Exhibition Opening "Creatures and Creators" @Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin So. 09.Okt.2016 "Moabit Musiktage - Festival für selbstgebaute Musik in Moabit" @Ottospielplatz, Berlin-Moabit So. 25.Sep.2016 "Bilderberg Konferenz II - Underground Comic Festival" @Reichenberger Straße 114, Berlin Sa. 10.Sep. 2016 "Weltverbesserungskonzerte" @Herrfurthplatz, Berlin-Neukölln Do. 08.Sep. 2016 "Mega Scheiße" @Monster Ronson's Ichiban Karaoke, Berlin Sa. 03.Sep. 2016 "Haus Schwarzenberg Hoffest" @Eschschloraque, Berlin Mo. 01.Aug. 2016 "ShoxxxBoxxx and Czentrifuga in Praksa" @Praksa, Pula, Croatia Sa. 30.Jul. 2016 "ART KAMP EMPEDUJA 2016" @Empeduja beach bar, Rijeka, Croatia Di. 26.Jul. 2016 "Boombarstick Urban Art & Music Festival" @Galerija Boombarstick, Vodnjan, Croatia Fr. 01.Jul. 2016 "Boktoz Music Night vol.10" @Eschschloraque, Berlin Sa. 21.Mai.2016 "Unverblümt Kulturexpedition #9" Prinz-Eugen-Straße 1, Berlin-Wedding Fr. 20.Mai 2016 "Carnivàl Monstruoso" with the Polymonsters @Antje Øklesund, Berlin Fr. 19.Feb.2016 "Living up the savings" with Neoangin aka Jim Avignon @Südblock, Berlin Sa. 29.Aug.2015 "Suppe & Mucke" Street festival, Berlin So. 16.Aug.2015 MOABIZA #3 @ZKU - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin Fr. 10.Jul.2015 Andy Leuenberger Exhibition Opening @SHOXXXBOXXX, Berlin So. 21.Jun.2015 Fete de la Musique "We Are The World" @Urban Spree im Garten, Berlin Sa. 07.Mär.2015 "Kazaguruma-Demo zum 4. Jahrestag von FUKUSHIMA" @Brandenburger Tor, Berlin Sa. 13.Dez.2014 "Soliparty von Hacke&Hobel" @Projektraum Maramao, Berlin So. 7.Dez.2014 "Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt" @URBAN SPREE, Berlin Sa. 20.Sep.2014 "Cooking your life" @Galiläa Kirche, Berlin Fr. 12.Sep.2014 "jubiläum czentrifuga" @czentrifuga, Berlin Sa. 16.Aug.2014 @camp tipsy - feat. Furu (dancer) Mi. 30.Apr.2014 "From Cuteness to Knowingness" @SomoS, Berlin Sa. 24.Aug.2013 "Suppe & Mucke" Street festival, Berlin - feat. Yukib (Melodica)


Puppe'n Mucke is a Berlin-based music and art collective, founded in 2013 by musician Raving Mad Carlos and visual artist SHOXXX.
They play trashy electro rock wearing huge original puppet costumes designed and hand-sewn by SHOXXX.
They mix electro beats and sounds with diverse instruments such as melodica, bongo, keyboards, bass and guitar, featuring guest singers and artists. The result is a very funny-to-watch-performance of crazy characters playing original enjoyable music.

The current core members of Puppe'n Mucke are: Raving Mad Carlos (Vocal, Keyboard), Luca aka FlussPluss (Guitar), Benten (Vocal) and SHOXXX (Melodica, Vocal)

Artists who collaborate / have collaborated with us:
- Benten (Vocal, Percussion)
- Luca aka Flusspluss (Guitar, Bass, Synth., etc.)
- Dylan Bakker (Bass, Keyboard, Drum-machine, etc.)
- Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner) (Dancing Robot)
- Coost (Czentrifuga)
- werNer (Czentrifuga)
- Max (Keyboard)
- Kuri (Synth., etc.)
- Imari (Percussion, OP1)
- Furu (Dance)
- Yukib (Melodica)
- Alice Murace
- Polina Ugarova
- igloo-x
- Eric aka Octobird
- Karoline Lochner
- Luna




Contact - Booking :
hello (at) puppenmucke (dot) de

Contact - Puppets :
info (at) shoxxxboxxx (dot) com

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